Tis The Season

Johnny Mathis Rules!


Thanks Jer, Seth, and JP for allowing me the opportunity to color up.


There has been days logged at The Spot lately and JP has been doing a great job of documenting them. This long shutter shot he took last week when we stayed the night up there, it was so bright from the moon. Also, check the newest installment of Zza Patrol, its a banger. Lastly, this spoof on cribs that Jer did for Spot TV is all time. JP nailed the edit and soundtrack.



Spot Camp

Last night was the annual spot camp out. 12 fine individuals showed up, three Tombstone's were cooked over the coals, and major smoke inhalation was had. Amazing evening.


Heavy Photo

Over 50 years of friendship experience combined here


This is my life

72 Hours, three flights, checked five bags three times, they never fit on one cart without falling off at least once. Top that off with constantly running late and it's a fuckin miracle that I still haven't missed a flight. Sometimes my "Job" is just like any other job, can't knock the hustle.