Holiday Partay

Brendan, my longtime childhood partner in crime, sent us an invitation a few weeks ago to a Holiday party he was throwing at his house on the evening of the 20th. These invites were fully festive, looked really custom, and had some thought and time into the project as well. After pondering about how passionate Brendan's lady was about these invites, we decided that we should apply the same passion towards our Party outfits. The invitation claimed, "Sweater party and White Elephant exchange". As usual, I don't take these things lightly. We were going to do it, and we were going to do it right. After a ton of logged time at thrift shops and random department stores, we had come up empty handed. Off it was to Target and Michael's to make some custom shit. We spent a few hours glittering, puffy painting, and spray adhevsive'ing our red crew necks. They pretty much turned out awesome. Angel and myself decided we would make tribute to our Glendale(Arizona's inland empire) roots and theme up our kit a little bit. A few nautical stars, lower back foam tats, and over the belly shouts out later and we were set to go. Combine that with last minute Elf hats and we were a party in a can. We thought that we had things pretty dialed. However, once we walked in the door and saw that pretty much no one else got into character we realized that we were going to be running shit.

I am going to say that our kits look amazing

Brendan looked like he got his jacket at the PGA Masters
Long lost sisters, from the Elf factory

Angel droppin Virgin Beer Bong Bombs

Excuse the fuzziness on this picture, by this point everyone was a little intoxicated. Glendale crew reunited.

The White Elephant didnt go as planned. All of the people that we didnt know and didnt bring gifts to begin with, started walking out the door to leave with gifts. Once we got to the tree there were like 5 things left. So we opened them. All of these happy pictures became sad when the opened gift went missing....shady.

Winning the excitement award for the night was the "Live Lobster Gift". It was one of those things that was either extremely funny, or extremely in-humane. I thought it was hilarious, I named him greg. He was moving around straight out of the Timbo box.

Angel and Greg

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