Another two-dayer in SoCal

Had to go down to Dana Point on Thursday night for a quick one day Electric Sales Meeting. I decided to ride my bike, gnarly to say the least.

I used to pack so much shit on trips. I have had to change to a minimalist outlook when space is at a minimum.

First 3 hours of the ride it was HOT to say the least. I barely made it to Blythe without being overcome with heatstroke. I went inside the Gas station and immediately sweat came out of every pore on my body. It was kind of creepy. I literally walked in the place bone dry and out soaking wet.

I made it to Dana Point on Thursday night, meeting all day Friday, then over to Bruce Beach's(Co-Founder of Electric) House to have a company BBQ. Horrible view from his deck if I do say so myself.

After some burgers and Cervezas, we were off to celebrate Kenna's 26th! She killed it. Garrett and Kenna are just about the raddest couple I have ever run into.

Amber "Chico", some creepy looking guy, and Kenna just waiting for the Hipster Dance Attack begin.

It only took Andrew about 42 drinks to get out on the dance floor.

We ran into this crazy pack of deers on the way back to our car. They were kind enough to stay still for a photo op.

After a solid Birthday night I woke up Saturday and headed down to Vista to help my compadre Landman lower his bike. We had to stop at Harbor Freight to grab a motorcycle lift and I found a crescent wrench that should fix everything.

Little test ride after the drop kit was installed.

We worked out a little trade deal, I help with the bike, you make me a killer burger and teach me to play an import back yard game, Bocce it was.

Mr. and Mrs. Landman, great hosts, great friends. Thanks again.

I left to ride home at 8:30PM last night, ran out of gas about 75 miles in, no gas station for miles. That only wasted about 2 hours. Finally got in around 3:30AM. Epic trip!

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i hate you said...

Yeah, its waaay hanging out way the fuck in Vista with Landman (douche) then with your main man Tom C in beautiful Encinitas. We are so over, you and me.