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In ABQ today and figured since I can shoot this from my phone then why
not share with everyone? I consider Albuquerque, or "Burque" as
the locs call it, to be pretty how do I say it.......unique. It's a
different place for sure. I mean, let's be real here. Look at that
Aztec Hotel. Really?

Anyways, the below is dedicated to Coan. This is the infamous Frontier
restaurant. It's located downtown in the "Student Ghetto" of Burque.
If I were to guess this place would definitely make Nate's top 3 list
of shit that makes him happy. Frontier is open 24 hours a day 7 days a
week and has probably been home to more beatings and shootings than
any of the bars or strip clubs in this town. You have to walk through
metal detectors before you can order! Food is edible, which is a plus,
and the people watching is priceless. Extra points if you are an out-
of-towner and you roll in solo. I recommend going with someone who has
a NM address. Regardless, it serves it's purpose as an eating
establishment as well as a historical landmark in my Burque
experiences. This ones for you Nate. Chasing the sun.....bitches!

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