Cars of the G-Ball

Last night I met paths with the Gumball 3000 crew in Vegas at the Hard Rock. Nixon sponsored this event which I was super stoked on since I have been a loyal follower for the past few years. When I heard "Sponsored", I figured small logo that could not be seen by the naked eye. Not the case. As you will see by the following pictures, we had some major coverage.

I was extremely amped on the fact that our "Team Nixon" car was none other than Todd Richards' Audi RS4 Avant. He was only supposed to drive the first leg, all of the US stops. However, yesterday about an hour out of San Diego, en route to Sin City, he had some major engine malfunctions resulting in pulling out of the rally. Super, super bummed. However my boy Brandon at Nixon and another one of our team members, Mike Escamilla, met us up for some dinner and Gumball Awards/Party action. It was a fun little night. Enjoy these shots, I was not stoked that I was too late to get daytime pictures.

There was some definite Douche Bagerry. Brandon overheard the owner of this Lambo saying that he put those antennas on because it made it look like an RC Car. Really Bro?


Sickest paint job by far.

Rogue Status

This one is in here for Nate

I can only imagine how this convo went. Bam: "Spy paid to sponsor this thing. What fags. Good thing I have some Electric stickers to put all over this thing."

Favorite car there. 2 Door, G-Wagon, with Samurai syndrome

Completely murdered out Ford GT. Red and White car in the background is a Bugatti Veyron. If you don't know what that is, type it into Google.

Maxamillion(Gumball Founder) and his wife Julie handing out some awards. Pile of Nixon watches to zee left.

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