Gold Coast R&D

I was over at Brock's house this weekend. We were in the garage and some kids we hanging out around the front of the house. One of the little groms stole his sisters longboard, Brock asked if he could see it for a second. He took it up the hill and gave it a go. Then he decided it would be a good idea if I drove him up the hill so he could get a solid run. He used one of his first Gold Coast samples that happened to be sans risers, not a very sweet setup. Either way, he took that shit all the way down to "Del Mar". Within the speed limits of course.


Bolts said...

Brock owns a long board company and doesn't even know the proper way to shred?? Toes on the Noes, Bro's. Helps with speed wobble. He could have been going 22 maybe 23 mph.

Treats said...

Beez was definitely hangin ten for a few seconds. I just didnt have a chance to catch a shot while I was trying to play "Longboard driver guy". If he laced his shoes a bit tighter he might of gotten some more speed due to aerodynamics. I fully agree with you though, if your gonna do it, needs to be all in.