Smokout West VS. 3 Amigos: Day 2, 330 Miles

Day 2, absolute longest day I have had in a long time. 20 hours in total we were up. We all slept like rocks, we were energized and ready to do this. Before we headed back to Cottonwood I wanted to show Dustin and Landman how sick Sedona was. We cruised up the canyon for about 10 miles to check the scenery.

Slide rock, killed this place as a kid. Naturally smooth river rocks covered in moss provide natures water slides.

Arrived at Smoke Out to a plethora of bikes of all types. Same goes for the people there. I think Dustin and Landman were a bit taken back by the scene. I had been exposed to it as a young buck with my Step Father at the time being in the Harley mix. Some crazy peeps for sure. Landman had a perfect word to describe the whole thing, "Stagnant". Same people, different places. I feel that the younger generations will have a hard time trying to adapt to this culture. Its pretty nuts.

These four bikes were constructed by this dude named Slim. His shit is amazing. Fully unrideable but what an imagination this guy has.

Foundry Cadi

Still till this day I think Foundry has the best steez in their bikes. So ill!

Exile Bike

My favorite Sporty there. Simple and sweet. Exhaust is tits!

Snake Skin paint.

Cool Flat-Tracker

Burn out Pit

Someones cool ass Grandpa

I love the ridge and the copper on this tank

Kind of creepy
Slim doin his deal

Foundry Matt making Pacman do a afternoon burnout shot

Jack, AKA Pacman, is a pin-striper that I met awhile back at Foundry. He does some crazy good work. The second time I saw him at the shop I asked if he would be down to stripe my helmet. He was super into it but I never got around to bringing my helmet in. We saw him in Cottonwood and I asked if he was interested. He seemed stoked so he got after it. Dustin saw the number 5 on another helmet he had done and really wanted a number. I was into the number as well cause I love the nostalgic race car look of it. We thought long and hard and we came up with "3". For some reason it just popped into our heads, and then the symbolism came around. The "3 Amigos", we were there, might as well do it. So all of us got our lids done in some configuration of "3".

His signature is mini. I don't know how he does it

"Meat Head Choppers" are fucking stupid. So are meat heads.

Met this guy Vince who tools his own seats. Its super cool to still see a trade like this. Thats hard work.

All by hand

WTF mate?

Dustin's Lid

Landman was pretty sure he wanted it written instead of just the number.

We left The Smoke Out waaaaaay behind schedule. I was hoping to leave around 2, but since we all were really hyped on getting the helmets striped we had to stay until Pacman could finish them all. We departed the fair grounds at 8. Mind you, it was raining all day, cloudy and gloomy. I had looked at the forecast earlier in the week and the daytime weather for our whole trip was in the 70's and 80's, so I opted out of birning my leather jacket. Dustin brought his and Landman ended up buying one with his new helmet. So I was assed out with a 3/4 sleeve T. Fast forward to when we left at 8 and it was brisk out to say the least. Plan was to stop at Walmart, grab a Flannel & Red Bull and bounce. Ended up getting a totally Vato Dickies button up and a thermal. When I walked back out to my bike I noticed that my pipe tape had gotten cut on something and was about to unravel. Quick fix with some safety wire and we were on our way.

Headlight support team

A rare shot of Matt with his iPod connected, this didnt last long.

A quick re-situate stop just outside of Sedona. This is where it started to get cold.

Our revised route took us through Flagstaff. Just an FYI this is one of only two places in AZ that it snows. We got through Flag and stopped in Williams. So effing cold. High 30's and totally unexpected. This was Landmans first road trip and at this point I think he was ready to quit motorcycles all together. Needless to say we posted up in the Circle K for about an hour to warm up. We were so loopy from not talking to eachother and freezing our asses off that everything seemed hilarious.

Jesse James' little brother in some Circle K Crocs

We made it through the frigid weather and into Kingman to get some In N Out. Landman had his thumbs through the end of his flannel for 120 miles, the button didnt mesh very well with his hand.

Tripping balls and completly sober

Hoover Dam at approximately 3AM. Dope picture.

Rule Breakers.

Finally made it to Vegas at about 4AM. Stayed at my ladys place and got some much needed sleep.

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skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

Smokeout was fun... I wish I would have seen that dude making the leather seats!