SLC to Truckee: 559 Miles

Some amazing memories have been logged on this trip. Blazed 559 miles the first day, punched straight through to Northstar. Intermittent rain made the journey interesting to say the least. Here are a few teasers, we got nothin but gold on this trip for photos. Be on the lookout for some bangers.

-Gas stops every 10 minutes
-Surf Sessions
-Skid contests
-Soaking wet clothes
-Boy Band Shots

Lunch at Battle Mountain NV. Coolest town name ever.

Jeremy Shootin photos at 90MPH

Some Sweet hidden details: Right hand on the air cleaner, left hand throttle, fogged up spectacles.
Right hand didnt work out to well. On the side of the road cleaning water out of Jer's carb.

Sierra Tech Center, super tech for sure.


The action shots of these are tits.

You can tell they are amazing by Jer's facial expression.

Alex and his mop
Too Tall Stone

Jeremy was scheduled to shoot "What the Pros are Rockin" this morning. We took it upon ourselves to shoot it at our condo instead.

Mizu Photo Op


davin. said...

fuckin' rad!

LandMan said...

loser machine much?

zbruns said...

LTD. Again.

Stone said...

Guns, cameras, smokes, losers and our machines... why are we so fucking awesome all the time?