Superior Miami Globe

Those are the names of the three towns we hit up on a ride this weekend. I was in AZ for a few days due to a wedding I was scheduled to attend. Stayed with my good bud Tanner and we went for a scenic 175 mile moto ride on the Sabbath. Here are a few goldies from the day.
Tanner, 90ish

I was hyped on this bridge steez

And this is one big ass dump truck, I can only imagine how humongous the truck is that belongs to the gargantuan bed

Got blasted by more bugs than I ever have, bee's to be exact. Remnants of one on my right side lens


Stone said...

Where was that bridge when I wanted a bridge? Now you've got it... I'm so over it.

onesickrace said...

wish i coulda rode that ride with yall. im relaxing in boulder. 20 hours on the bike in a total of 36 from start to finish...holy shit sun burn. some lizard along i40 is wearin those glasses, he says thanks...gone with the wind. i got a short write up about the trip so far. haha

Treats said...

Bender, send me your updated address so I can get you out some new Loc's. Stay safe the rest of the way. Two wheels on the road brah.