Prescott, Everybody's Hometown. Ever heard of it?

Where do I even begin? Prescott is a small town about an hour north of Phoenix. My Dads side of the family lives up there so its about a bi-annual experience for me. I remember going up there as a kid thinking they were nine balls. Being a bit older now I am able to take this place in for all it's glory. My dad and I rolled up there on Saturday to meet my Moms for lunch, stop by my Aunts antique store, and see my grandparents as well. Here are a few highlights.


As we were walking out of the restaurant where we ate lunch I picked up a classifieds paper and this was on the cover. Wowzerz

About 30 steps away from the Papers headline I run across this fine piece of automobile. At a quick glance it looks a little off its rocker. Go ahead and click to enlarge the banner on his window. Yuhusssss

Found this bad boy at my Aunts place. I have a hard time believing that the person using this is old enough to read.

And last, but definitely not least, the best mental picture of my whole weekend. Let me give you a quick synopsis: This is a truck camper(which is supposed to be in the bed of a truck) that is bolted to a flat bed trailer, all super futuristic "I am totally ahead of the game" style, With a BBQ that is tied down to the wheel well, and a homemade Bimini. Great tailgate item or Condo on the Road. Either way, this beauty can be yours for a mere 3,000. I love seeing the lengths that people will go to just to cut as many corners as possible.

Long live Prescott!

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