Coverage of the Florida Endurance Event

Returned home to SLC last night and what a good feeling it was to be back in this city. The more I travel to new places the more I appreciate where I live and the city around it. The main reason for traveling to Florida was for a wedding. Since I knew about said wedding a few months in advance I called upon my buddy Greg Arnette who also lives in Florida. When we were in Baldface earlier this year he pulled the ol "If you're ever out in Florida, give me a ring" type deal. So I did just that.

We got to Tampa last Friday evening and it was hot. I am used to being in extreme heat, but in a dry climate. I have never been exposed to hell with humidity before. Thats exactly what clearwater Florida is, not that comfortable. We stayed there for three days, did the deal, and bounced up North and across the state to New Smyrna Beach to stay with Greg. As soon as we arrived I knew he had this shit all planned out. Let me give you a quick rundown of activities we checked off our list in the two and a half days we were there:

We got to Greg's house by in New Smyrna and immediately to off to hit up his ranch

He taught Dre how to be a horse Whisperer

This is his dog, Happy. One of the raddest dogs ever. Look at his eyes.

After putting the blades back on the night before we took out the chopper. Got all official looking too.

This thing seats seven people total. Since I have ridden in one a few times I made sure that Dre sat in front. Arnie had her flying the thing on her own in about 20 minutes. Seriously, running everything solo.

I sat in the back with the doors off. So Rad! Just hanging out of it taking pictures. This is prime time real estate to get smoked by a bull shark. I only saw two the whole time we were flying.

Flying over the swamps.

Here is a head on view of the ranch. In total its about 250 acres and most of it is right up against the lake.

Self Portrait in the Captains chair

Took the Jet Skis out to the swamps. Pretty paranoid riding in Crocodile and Water Moccasin infested waters.

This guy came out of the spot we were riding in.

Didn't get a picture of the massive croc we saw but I did happen to see two bald eagles on the same tree.

Kind of a rando picture of the Ski's and cattle. Not normal.

Dre learned how to Quick Draw.

I have never shot a bow. Thing almost ripped my arm off. I did learn you could really eff shit up with these things.

She killed a croc(that was made of foam)

Rode some rice bikes too. Fast as eff.

Exactly how my garage would look. If I could afford it.

I didnt have high expectations going into this trip but I ended up leaving with some epic memories. Cant wait to go back. Thanks Arnie.


Rob said...

can't do it, this thing kicks!

Stone said...

You lead a harsh life. Pain, misery, and hardship seem to be all you've known. But somehow you remain chipper and optimistic. I applaud you, special olympian.