Went to the Mr. Ortiz art show last Friday so show some support for our close friend. Mode in Provo was the setting and it turned out to be a sweet little venue. Andrea and I scooped up one of his smaller pieces that we were both super hyped on, too bad I have to wait in anticipation for a month till the gallery ends. Hopefully I don't forget about it by then. A ton of people showed up and hopefully Dustin sold some shit. Afterwards we went to this sweet little burger joint that served up some Bomb ass shakes.

Dustin is going to hate the fact that these two pictures are up here.
I like to call this one, Artist and his client.

Andrea and I were going for super creepy hand on artist

Now part of my collection

Now part of my stomach

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Jillian said...

this looks yummy, I wish it was in my belly :)