Dirty South

Headed to Florida tomorrow. I definitely have some mixed emotions about this trip, but I am making it happen on the request of my better half. We are going for a wedding and will be doing some exploring as well. Here is a quick pre-trip photo album of what I would assume this adventure is going to entail:

If there is one thing I want to accomplish this trip its to ride one of these. Childhood dream for sure. I was deprived of fun as a kid I guess.

Body Varials on the nose of my stand up is high on the list as well

What I am extremely afraid of is seeing a bunch of locals

But I am totally down to hang out with locals on the boat. Yeah Vickie!

Hopefully I will see some sweet bikes like this redneck chopper

New Symyrna Beach, white sands for days. Staying here half the time......

with this amazing human being. Can't wait to catch up on stories from the "Good Ol Days".....

where there is an overpopulation of these. Give it up for North Americas top Shark Attack Beach!

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onesickrace said...

...but more people die each year from coconuts falling out of trees and hitting them on the head... have fun.