We totally broke up

Last night we got into town and had some much needed cold beverages after a long day, went out and had a sweet steak for dinner, then proceeded to hang out at a little dive by the hotel. About ten random beers later and 4 shots I some how became incoherent. Now don't take this the wrong way, I am not one to gloat about "How wasted I got" or "The stupid shit I did when I was drunk". Up until now I have yet to run into that problem, I would like to believe that I know my limits and never exceed them. However, Nate somehow sold me into the idea of taking Jack Daniels shots with him. FIRST and LAST time that shit will ever happen. I was 100% completely effed today. I had to leave the sales meeting on a few occasions since I could not keep my composure, in my opinion that is an absolute last option. But I did it and barely survived the past 24 hours. Call it being a pussy, call it whatever you want.

So Long Jack, stoked to meet you, and even more hyped to waive goodbye. You should have no problem hanging out with Nate still.


zbruns said...

W2BIOTFN. So bummed I missed that. It's like seeing a baby Albino Unicorn, you hung over.

Stone said...

Jack is a great guy. I don't spend as much time with him as I once did, but look forward to every opportunity to hang out, drink a few beers... you know. Or don't.

Tony said...

So we're not meeting up with Nate & Jack again next meeting?