Made it back from the trip in one piece and with a huge smile on my face.

Wednesday: Departed for Vegas, had to put Queen and I's bike in the back of the van and Stones bike on the trailer cause there was an effing blizzard going on all the way to Beaver. Which is about the time the right wheel bearing blew out on the trailer. Sweet. A new spindle, 2 hours, and $200 later and we were back on the road. Getting to stay at the Red Rock for $50 that night more than made up for the previous expense.

Thursday: Left Vegas en route to The Hoedown in Hemet, CA. While gassing up in Baker we met up with a whole posse of Vegas boys headed to the same deal. They gave us a sweet route up through Big Bear. Ryan proceeded to run out of gas on the freeway before we could make it to Barstow, good thing we had a support vehicle. Got to Kutty's, drank some beer, people watched, and then bartered for the cheapest hotel room we could find to sleep and house our bikes.

Friday: Woke up and went on the Dice Hangover ride which happened to be one of the most amazing routes I have taken my bike on, so fun. The girls decided to take a shortcut and meet us at the Bash which ended up being a major longcut by an extra hour or two. Left Lake Skinner and headed back up to Vegas blasting 90-95 the whole way. Queen snapped his chain 100 miles out of Sin City. We fixed the chain only to find out there was not enough clearance between the tire and fender supports, back on the trailer. 40 miles down the road and the other wheel bearing blows out, 30MPH in the shoulder back to Vegas.

Saturday: Sleep in while Queen searches for parts. No luck so a new trailer is in order. Hit up some lunch and shopping then back on the road home. Queen stayed the night in Vegas so it was just Stone and I back to SLC. When we stopped in Beaver it was a frigid 39 degrees so I put my bike in the van, the bagger wouldnt fit. Stone got geared up in snowboard outerwear and fended off the following 150 miles with pride. We rolled into SLC around 2:30 AM. Beat but with a shit ton of good memories.

Stone took all the photos so hopefully those will be up soon. In the meantime here are a few shots from Queens camera. Shout outs to the girls for being such an amazing support squad.

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Stone said...

Good jam, despite the hangups. Let's roll it again, pronto.