SLC Hoedown and BASH excursion

Last week I sent the invite email out to the tight knit list of posse members. A lackluster response to say the least. I think its because everyone has their bike torn down right now. Regardless, I know at least one of the two people that read my blog might be interested in going, so I am going to post it up here.

The tentative plan as of right now is to leave SLC Wednesday afternoon and stay the night in Vegas. Thursday morning head from Sin City to Hemet CA for the Hippy Killer Hoedown to help Los Losers slang some gear at our first legit event. Probably camp out Thursday night there or stay at a friends spot. Wake up Friday morning for the DICE hangover ride to the Biltwell Bash at Lake Skinner. From there we either camp out and leave to SLC in the morning or head back to Sin City, stay the night and leave early Saturday morning for the home stretch.

At this point I have loose commitments from people I can count on one hand. Not what I want for how fun this experience is going to be. But I will ride solo if I have to. Hit me up if anyone is going or would like to go. This is going to be one for the memory bank.


Stone said...

Doin' what I can here, man...
But if I make it, I'll be rollin' old man style, on the green t-bag.

Treats said...

I dont give a shit what you ride. Lets make it happen.