South of the Border Voyage

Anyone that checks this blog from time to time should know by now that Rocky Point is one of our "Spots". A place that we have taken many adventures to since my teenage years. As our "Four Pack" of homies has aged, our trips have gotten less frequent and way more planned out. This one we had to plan almost six months in advance. But it was well worth it. We brought the girls, spent an extra day than normal, kept it mellow, and had a killer time. Here are some shots.

It wouldn't be a normal trip if we didn't get pulled over before we even crossed the border

Brendan's Boston, Baya is her name, such a bad ass dog


Brendan's breakfast comes in a close second to Nate's. "I'll get some french toast, quesadilla, and a Dos Equis"

One of my favorite things about Mexico is the fact that they still have THRIFTY Ice Cream. Anyone who has dipped on this shit knows that it truly is the BEST ice cream. Here is my lady killing her sweet combo of Rocky Road and Rainbow sherbet(Gross)

I am no Steven Stone but I try to get as wicked on my point and shoot as possible. We were sitting in this bar and I noticed the fold up windows that hang on the ceiling. The result, a new album cover

I am addicted to long shutter

The only thing gayer is two dudes on a street bike. Its alright, these things fly under the radar when it out of necessity.

Through the years we have seen some sweet creations down south. This one is leader of the pack at the moment. Garage Engineering at its best. One of the most shady feats of fabrication I have seen in a while. They had a bigger generator powering those speaks than the motor running the real HP's.

I realized a few years back that there is no more of an unsafe, and fun, way to ride quads in Mexico then when I am running; no helmet, tank top, boardshorts, and sandals. I at least wear eye protection. This picture is a great example of Dre when she is pissed at me

Here is Angel about to rip his lady of the back

Brendan and his chica decided to go para-sailing. Turned out to be much safer than I thought, what a let down.

I should charge for these kind of memories.

As always it was a killer trip. Super mellow down south these days. The government has filled the summertime vacationers with so much "Drug Cartel" bologna that no one is going down there for a good time. Let me say this, its safer than ever. Now hurry up and take some vacations so we can start a business down there to retire on!


Jordan Mead said...

Did you get Swine Flu?

Treats said...

Yes, I did. But it feels great, everyone stays away from me now which is exactly what I want.