Weekend Wrap Up

So Brendan and I loaded up the Denali on Friday afternoon and headed out to Mountain High for the annual Chopmeet. We stayed in Vista on Friday night with my good friend Matt Landman and his wife. Had a little BBQ with Burgers and Coronas. Dustin and two of his friends came over to join and we proceeded to have an epic evening.

Dustin getting wasted on Electro-Beer

Saturday morning we got up and tried to leave by 8, but due to some technical difficulties we left around 9:30. Sweet.

Dustin and his rat pack, Carter and Landman

The Chopmeet

We werent sure what was really going to be at this infamous "Chopmeet". Turns out there was a bunch of awesome steel horses. Harleys, Triumphs, BSA's, they had so much cool shit. I was hoping to buy a ton of parts but didnt find too much. However I did buy a sweet Mad Max style leather jacket. Carter was backing it so I had to. The main reason we were there was to find parts for Brendans Triumph. He ended up finding a rear wheel which is going to make things a lot easier for him, considering you need two wheels to ride. I was very surprised at the amount of bad ass Triumphs at this deal. See the rest of the mug shots below.

Still my favorite bike till this day. Built by the same dudes that constructed Nates bike, Foundry Moto

This wins the award for "Gayest Bike In The History of Mankind"

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