Really V.2

Here are a few epic road shots that I was lucky enough to capture for your viewing pleasure. It pays to have your camera on you at all times.

I am guessing the conversation went something like this, "Honey, just because we had to sell the suburban does not mean we need to cancel our lake trip. I will just go get a hitch put on your accord and we can trailer both skis and the four bikes, it will be fine"

I swear this was a car trailer transporting shit from West Coast Customs. Who else would be dumb enough to sink any time, effort, or money into a dodge caravan?

Three main points I would like to make here:
1. Has a donut on the front and he is going about 80. At least its on the front in case he has a blow out and wants to still live.
2. His trunk is absolutely stuffed to the gills. Tuckin rimzo!
3. If you have an amazing roof rack like that, use it!

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