Last Week Wrap Up, better late then never

About a week and a half ago Nate, Chris, and myself migrated out to Carlsbad for a Nixon Sales Meeting that was accompanied by a handful of other activities. Here is a photo documentary on what went on:

The Eagle has landed

PCH in C-Bad

Bruns and Oden

We went to Andy's(Co-Founder of Nixon) for a little BBQ and some summer festivities. Bruns and Lou playing Boston Bean Bags. Its as lame as it looks.

After meetings that lasted all morning and afternoon, we decided to let out a little of that pent up energy and head to K1 Speedway. Once we arrived I saw a car that was all too familiar. This is a car that I have nerded out on for the past year or so via the Internet but I had never laid my ojos on it in person. It also happens to be owned by one of our Nixon team riders. Here it is in all of its European beauty, Todd Richards' RS4 Avant.

K1 is not new to the Nixon crew. We have had one or two excursions to this facility in the past. Last time I was there I ended up in a fierce battle in the finals with our team manager at Nixon. It came down to the last lap and he beat me by about a 100Th of a second. Keep in mind we are talking about 40 or so people. Heat Races, Semi Finals, Finals. It gets intense. Needless to say I had to step up and bring home the title.

I had my "Game Face" on in the heat races and semi finals, I was killing it. There was only one person that had a lower lap time and I was ready to go head to head.

Dustin and Chris

Brunner getting ready to go out and take "Fastest Female" of the night. She crushed it!

Don't let this fool you, there are some high profile racers up on that board.

As the evening progressed, so did the drinking. We arrived in the finals. We were all lined up in the starting grid, I was sitting in the second spot before the green light was flashed. I got the inside corner running in first coming into the 1st hairpin turn, I got put into the wall and that was the end of the night for the Black Horse. Bummer, better luck next time I guess.

The Winners Podium: 1st(Top)Brandon Lillard - Team Manager/Reigning Champion, 2nd(Right) Bruns - Holding it down for CEI, 3rd(Left, obviously) Colin Anderson - Key Accounts Rep

Gloating Bro

Friday afternoon we spent the majority of the day meeting with the Big Boss Mans at Nixon and Electric. Nate left that afternoon but Chris and I had plans to stay for the weekend. We cruised back down to San Clemente to stay with our good friend Dan Mac and his wife. Dan is a super nerd, like Chris and myself, when it comes to cars and electronics. He had already planned an epic Saturday for us. We woke up around 7 and headed up to Irvine for the Cars and Coffee event that they have every Saturday morning in the parking lot of the FordMoCo building. It was fucking insane. Pretty much just a playground full of Super Cars, click this to get a little taste of what its like to be there.

New Skyline GT-R

This little horse happens to be parked in the garage of a fellow Sales Rep in the Action Sports industry, who will go un-named.

GT3-RS, Effing sick!!!

1971 Porsche LeMans car, straight piped, so loud

After looking at cars that will only be a fantasy, we took a short jaunt down to Laguna for some killer breakfast at the cantina and reminisced about the good ol days. Now that we were in a food coma we headed over to the mission viejo MAC store to get Dan and Chris dialed in on the new 3G. I was not planning on diving in, just trying to wait with my boys and be a supportive friend. This was the line we waited in.

After waiting in line to get in the store we thought we were home free, think again, a line within a line.

By the time we hit our third apple employee asking us the age old question of "which phone would you like and what color" I finally broke from all of the peer pressure, "16 gig white" was what came flying out of my mouth. Dan was stoked that this was his first picture on his new phone, "Instant Remorse" is the name of this piece.

We headed back to the McNamara compound and had a 3g geek out session. Around 4 we headed up to LA to see Ricky Gervais at the Kodak Theater. For those of you who have no idea who I am talking about, Ricky is the creator of the original OFFICE series that aired in Europe on the BBC before they created the Americanized version. He is awesome, and has a very dry style of delivering his material. I had never been to see a live performance from any comedian. I am really glad that this show took my comedic virginity, Gervais left us all laughing our asses off. Thanks again Bruns for the ticket, it was amazing.

I left the crew after the show on Saturday night to meet up with Angel, Colby, and Chris Morris. We had a room at the Standard and went to a cool little Rockabilly show that night. My intention for staying up in LA was to go to the Rosebowl Flea Market on Sunday morning. When we got there the weather was perfect and we were able to spend about 4 hours carousing through a ton of Vintage stuff. Everything from furniture, to clothing, to trinkets, to pictures. It was a killer experience and I am stoked to go back in the fall when it cools down a bit.

After the flea market Angel and I headed over to Sunset to grab some killer pizza. Had to take this shot, if you look closely the Hollywood billboard is chillin in the background.

After some slices we headed home and hit a killer monsoon storm and 145K at the same time.

All in all one of the most fun and eventful weekends in a long time. Thanks to everyone who was involved.

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