4th Recap

Didn't do anything special for the 4th. For the most part had a pretty stock holiday. Friday was filled with your stereotypical summer activities: Hit the pool over at the parents house, ate chili cheese dogs, spent time with the family. All three of these being teamed up with Keystone Light of course(Pops favorite and only beer in the house). However, we made Saturday a very eventful 24 hours:

Had some epic lunch at Pita Jungle. Probably my favorite spot in AZ to get a bite. Best part, the girls paid for lunch. Rare occasion

After a little shopping we navigated back to the house for a little Rockband session. Now, I know we are a few months behind the ball on this one, but this shit is so fun. It is now referred to as Crackband. Above is the whole crew. Dre - Lead Vocals, Angel - Guitar, Jen - Bass, Jake - Drums and backup vocals, Petra - Stage Tech/Roadie

Had to take a little intermission from the concert to watch the fight. Super bummed that Rampage lost, guy is my boy!

After a depressing fight we decided to get food. The best way to cure a bad mood is $1 Tecate's right? Thats what we were thinking.

After we got back, Angel and Jen decided to hit the bar with a few other friends. I couldn't leave my kit, so Dre and I pulled the weight of the whole band. I was singing lead vocals and on Drums.

All things considered, this turned out to be a pretty epic weekend!

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