AZ Invaders

Two AZ natives that I grew up with came to SLC this weekend to ride. They have been here a few times in the past, but never to experience a sweet Brighton session. Yesterday was pretty epic conditions, Bluebird and powdery. Gave them a little taste of the goodness: Crest laps, Great Western tree runs, and a hike up Pioneer with a wind lip session. Brendan is a pretty solid rider, not super comfortable in his jumping abilities. He still powered through and hit the mini kicker 5 or so times. He even attempted a few back side three's and got extremely close to stomping it(on his first time trying no less). Jack on the other hand was wild style the whole day. Just all over the place. Having the most fun of his life and scaring me to death all day long. He decided he wanted to attempt a front side three which seemed to morph into a rodeo five? I don't know, see for yourself. Either way he had no business hucking himself like that. Luckily everyone walked away unscathed. It was a great time, with a great crew.

Top of Great Western


Downtown needing a snack before he collapses

Jack on his first attempt. At this point I knew I needed to bust of video for the second try.

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CPB said...

DEWOOOOOOD!!!! I think that was almost a 7.2.0. in jacks video clip DUH-AMMMM!