Toy Camera and the Vet

So, Toy Camera is a pretty sweet $2.00 application investment. Backing it. Works really good when there are a lot of vibrant colors.

On the flip side of sweet things, there is the not so sweet things. Had to take Petra to the Vet today. I thought she threw out her back playing in the yard the other day. The Vet said she thought it was just a strained muscle(praying that was it), so she gave her some acupuncture and we were out. Shes a Holistic Vet, what can I say?


CPB said...

I wouldn't expect anything but the best for PETRA HOBBS.

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

this hap'd to my bosses dog-pretty sure it's a french bulldog also (that's what your's is right?) and it had just pulled a muscle real bad. The dog is fine now.