Today started out as any normal UT Sunday; woke up late, missed breakfast, headed to Brighton. This was the first trip of the season that I drove the Jeep up. It was raining in the valley but started to snow halfway up the canyon. I met up with Jeff and Rich to shred. Snow was pretty epic today. The trees were dirty! After my legs were smoked Jeff hopped in with me so we could head down and grab some lunch. I was approaching the park n ride(just outside the canyon) and I put it back in two wheel since it was raining. No sooner than 30 seconds after that I was approaching the stop light...... but I was not stopping. I was going about 5 MPH when I hit my brakes and I slid about 20 feet, right into the back of the SUV in front of me. It was literally SLOW motion. I thought I was going to get within about an inch and then the powers that be would stop me, nope. I had enough time to look over at Jeff in shock and throw it in reverse to try and get out, still no luck. When I hit the explorer it was with almost no force at all, just the weight of my Jeep resting on his liftgate. The bummer part is that the sweet bumper I welded up a few years back really did its job of effing up anything in its path. Luckily the dude was super cool and we are going to handle it with no insurance claims. Good thing I have a dent guy! Needless to say, it was a vibe stopper. I really pride myself on being a safe driver, in control. This one would of happened to anyone, completely out of my control. Oh well, at least no one got hurt and nothing happened to my whip.

The Roads were a little sketch coming down today. Ye old Explorer was keeping his distance at this point.

The Explorer was no match.....

for this bad boy.

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