Goodbye. Hello.

There is a very short list of things that I will miss about Arizona. I think it may contain three things total: Friends, Family and Food. I am big on "My Spots I Hit on The Weekly". Hopefully being back in Salt Lake I will be able to add to my list I began to start three years ago.

There are a few delicious spots that I highly recommend checking out if you are ever in the Phoenix Metro Area:

Delux: Oh how I will miss this one. Very modern establishment with some of the best burgers, and hot dogs(weird), that I have ever tasted. Plus they have like 70 beers on tap. The kicker to this one is that they are always open late, 2AM if I am not mistaken. Hours can really make or break a place for me.

: Locally owned "Hip" Italian joint. Thin crust pizza and waffle styles fries. That's a check in my book.

In N' Out: 3x3, need I say more?

YC's Mongolian Grill
: This is the lunchtime jam. Concept is usually on my "No-No's" list, buffet style. Here is where it tips the scales. Its "frozen" buffet style, load up your bowl with whatever meats and veggies you can dream up, make a killer sauce combo, and then they tepan style cook that shit in like 3 minutes. Amazing! Plus they have white pepper on tap, definite bonus.

Pita Jungle: For sure the spot that will be missed the most. One of those places you would drive by a million times and think to yourself, "what a shit hole that place must be." Wrong. Super healthy Greek fashioned restaurant. Awesome pastas and organic chicken. Siracha on tap, and the best iced tea in town. You will leave will a full stomach and loaded bladder.

As I wave the hand over and out to these I can welcome back some fine establishments exclusive to Salt Lake.

Big Apple: Still in my mind the best pizza around. Large Double cut cheese, garlic knots, and an Italian salad. So good

The Cotton Bottom
: What a shit shack this place is. But they have the best garlic burgers in town and you can get an ice cold corona as well. Now that there is a no smoking ban in effect I wont have to eat outside in the frigid weather. Give this place a stop on your way down from Big Cottonwood.

The Porcupine
: Another, "After Shred Sesh" eatery. Artichoke Dip is impeccable.

Molca Salsa
: Do yourself a favor, just google map it and go.

Rich's Bagels: I hit this every morning before I go ride. Put some Honey Butter on anyone of their fine bagels and it will hit the spot. Their breakfast sandwiches are a close second. Don't forget to grab one of their big ass homemade cookies for the ride down the canyon.

This whole post stemmed from a new spot I hit the other day with Chris Brown and my lady. Its a California chain that just opened up a spot at the Gateway. Its called The Counter and their concept,less is more. You pencil in your toppings, condiments, and meat type on their little menus and wait patiently for your creation to arrive. Shit was good and its now on the list. Check it out.

Options. Below are three fine examples of Mild to Wild

Wild: Chris Brown Heart Attack Burger

Medium: Dre's Thanksgiving Turkey and Cranberries concoction

Mild: My stock kit. Pepperjack, Mustard, Ketchup. Doesn't get much better.

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